AP Stat – Notes for F/M, Jan 19/22 (2-proportion z)

Here are the notes for 2-proportion z-intervals and z-tests (chapter 22 in the text).

Important note: If you use the calculator shortcuts to perform these problems, you are NOT required to write the formulas and show the work (you are required, however, to name the procedure in the problem). Anything in orange ink in the following notes, therefore, is optional.

And if you need to finish your foldable for the proportions unit, here are the slides to walk you through that:

Notes for block #3 – Type I/II Errors and Power

Here are the notes for block #3 (W/Th, Jan 17/18) over chapter 21 (Type I/II errors, power of a test).


If you are extra-inquisitive, this is a bonus example calculation of beta and power: