HW #15 (more normal distributions)

Today (W/Th, Sept 26/27) is a continuation of the Normal distributions unit. If you miss class, be sure to get the notes from a classmate.

Here are tonight's textbook HW problems pasted on a single sheet:

If you would like a head-start on next time's homework worksheet (HW #16), here is that:

z-scores and Normal Distributions (M/Tu, Sept 24/25)

Here are the notes/handouts that cover the bulk of today's lesson:

Here are the Powerpoint slides from the lesson, in case you wish to review them (however they do NOT have the work for the problems written out):

If you are still looking for additional reinforcement, we would recommend reading chapter 6 in the textbook for additional guidance.

Videos for Normal Distributions

The following videos which were put together by Mr. Ziebell are a great resource:

This section is quite beefy so find us in tutorials promptly if you need assistance with the homework!

AP Stat – Transformations of Variables (Class #10)

Here are the slides from class covering scaling, shifting, combinations of variables, and relative cumulative frequency graphs:

(Also, if you wish to get an early start on NEXT TIME's homework, here it is: Worksheet 2.5 (HW #11) - Descriptive Stat Practice)