You must be bored.

That or you just don't feel like being very responsible right now.

Either way, maybe these will entertain you for a bit...

"It has no effect"

A humorous sketch, drawn by a former student:

Sounds scary vs. actually scary

(from xkcd #1242)

xkcd: "Up Goer Five":


xkcd has plenty of good stuff, by the way:

As a former student once told me: "The main reason I take these higher-level classes is so that I can understand jokes. :)"

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Can you crack the code?

A former valedictorian left this gem for me on the last page of the last test of the year. See if you can figure it out:

. . .

My photography...

Some of you guys know that I've been getting more and more into photography. If you want to browse some of my more decent shots, I have an Instagram that is sometimes open to the public...

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If you're STILL bored, you can read a little about me (but you can't seriously be THAT bored).

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STILL bored yet?  You could do some unit circle practice... =)