AP Stat Textbook Pages and Problems

For those that are having trouble getting a textbook, here are the reading pages (for reference) and the TEXTBOOK homework problemsi for the first unit.

  1. HW #1, HW #2, and the exam review will be handed out in class as worksheets - as well as posted on this website↩︎

AP Stat 2018-19 – Welcome! First Day Handouts and Info~

Here are the handouts from the first day of class, in case you missed it!i

Once you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) have had a chance to review the basic course info and the course grading policy, please fill out the following form to acknowledge:

...and if anyone is looking to work AHEAD...

...here is the homework worksheet that will be assigned NEXT TIME, on day 2 (due on W/Th, Aug 22/23):

  1. or in case you just lost the handouts...↩︎

Last-minute AP Exam review links

First, here's a funny Youtube video about common AP exam mistakes. (6 minutes)

Okay, for the real stuff...
Here's a quick compilation of last-minute review links: