Statistics (Regular)

This page contains general class information only. Check the class Moodle page for the most recent info regarding this class.

General Info on this course

Welcome to grade level statistics.  This year you'll learn about how to obtain and analyze information - particularly information based on numbers.  With any luck you'll get a sense of how numbers are used in our world - both to help understanding and to confuse and mislead. 

"Moodle" (where you'll find all of your homework assignments, among other things)

All of our class assignments and notes are posted on a class management system called "Moodle." Students can access the class Moodle page from any computer with internet access.


Here is the link to my class Moodle page (you will need to go here to do your homework):


Unfortunately there is no way for parents to gain direct access to the class Moodle site (which is where all of the homework assignments are posted).

I will, however, post the class calendars here on this page (scroll down) should you wish to review when your child's assignments are due, or when their tests are coming up, et al.

If you wish to see what the class Moodle site looks like, you may ask your child to log on and walk through it with you.  Homework assignments will be done online through Moodle, and will require a computer with internet access.  This can be done in class, or in the school library computer lab, in the case that a computer with internet access is not available at home.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any concerns.


Class Calendar

Grading Policy

  • Homework: 10% (may be accepted late for partial credit, but NOT after the unit test)
  • Quiz: 15% (generally there is a quiz after each lesson during the next class period)
  • Class labs: 15%
  • Major Tests & Projects: 60% (usually 2 or 3 tests per six weeks, and ne project per six weeks)
Again, feel free to contact me if you have any concerns.