about Mister Youn

Mr. Youn began his teaching career in January of 2007 at McNeil High School, where he taught until June 2014, when he joined the math department at Round Rock High School. He then joined the math department at Westwood High School in the Fall of 2016.

He grew up in Southern California before moving to Houston during his junior year of high school [sometime in the 90's]. He attended The University of Texas at Austin, where he received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2001), and also received his Teaching Certification through the UTeach Program in 2006.

When he is not teaching math, preparing to teach math, or grading papers related to math, Brian enjoys basketball (growing up in California, he's a huge fan of the Lakers), playing the guitar, playing video games, and thoroughly enjoys hamburgers, coffee, and ice cream.
Feel free to contact Mr. Youn at brian_youn@roundrockisd.org with any comments or concerns. He is looking forward to a great year!

Humorously Asked Questions (HAQs)

  • Q: What are we learning today? Is it hard?
    A: Yeah it's hard. Anything is hard if you haven't learned how to do it yet.
  • Q: Are we allowed to call you by your first name?
    A: Not until you're older than me.
  • Q: When are you gonna get married?! (yes, a student actually asked this in the middle of a lesson)
    A: (another student jumped in and answered for me): "Look, he doesn't wanna talk about it, alright!?!" =)

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